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Pre-planned health packages

This service is ideally suited for families who are living away from their elderly relatives but want to coordinate the travel/ medical reviews and physical movements of their parents/ grandparents and other elderly relatives.

Under this service, we develop customized monthly packages to monitor the health and physical wellness of elderly in their homes. These reports are then uploaded to an app which can be accessed by the families and the relevant medical practitioners for monitoring the health of the elderly.

This service packages can be customized to include:

  • Period home visits by professionals like doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, dietician, psychologist
  • Assisting elderly with seeking appointments for doctor reviews
  • Assisting elderly with seeking appointments for diagnostic tests
  • Accompanying elderly to their tests/ reviews and sharing reports and results with the family
  • Accompanying elderly on their travel and other local visits

This service is only available to those who enroll for the long-term service and not on an ad-hoc basis.


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