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Heritage Hospital, established in 1994, is India's first hospital for senior care. The hospital was formally inaugurated by the late Mr. Krishnakanth, the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

At Heritage, healthcare offered for senior citizens - oldest old (80 years and above), old old (70-80 years) and young old (60-60 years), is with a difference, for we recognize that when it comes to the elderly, medical treatment, response to drugs, time of recovery after procedures is completely different and it is critical to be sensitive to their needs.

At Heritage Hospital, we aim to embrace the physical, social, familial, economic, nutritional, psychological and rehabilitation aspects of Geriatric Healthcare.


Physician Consultation – Inpatient and Outpatient

Heritage Hospital has 35 patient beds and the most common cases admitted in our facility include elderly patients who have undergone a major surgery, have suffered a stroke, or suffer from wounds or infection. We also attract a great number of elders in need of ambulatory surgery (day surgery) procedures.

Upon discharge from the hospital, our elderly patients continue to return for out-patient consultations with out physicians, enabling them to experience continuity in delivery of care. We also arrange for home health care services for those who need non-medical assistance in their homes after getting discharged from the hospital.

Apart from physicians and medical specialist, we offer consultations with speech and occupational therapists, our dietician and our social worker. We also have a basic diagnostic facility with a pathology laboratory.

Acute/ Sub-acute Long-Term Care – Inpatient

Taking into consideration the long duration usually associated with the recovery of a geriatric patient, most hospitals are hesitant to admit them as it results in beds being occupied for a long time. Also, most hospitals are not designed to provide long term care and so as soon as the patient's condition improves he or she is sent home.

Long-term acute care at Heritage Hospital is usually availed by elderly patients with chronic medical conditions that require stabilization, and/or are dependant on oxygen or ventilator support.

We offer our patients the option of long-term stay in a private room, a sharing room and a general ward. TV sets and telephones are installed in all rooms for the comfort of the patients and their caregivers. Our patients receive care from interdisciplinary team, can enjoy dietician-prescribed meals, and access our rehabilitative facilities.

Rehabilitation Services - Inpatient and Outpatient

We have a rehabilitation team comprising physiotherapists, and speech therapists to help elderly patients regain their strength and independence.

The services of these Therapists are typically availed by elderly patients who have suffered a fall, have undergone a hip or knee replacement, have suffered a stroke, hemorrhage or any neurological disorders, or are afflicted by physical ailments including arthritis, osteoporosis, resulting in a drop in their physical abilities, communication skills, strength and coordination.

Patients hospitalized in Heritage take advantage of these services. Many other patients utilize them on out-patient basis. The home health care workers can play an important role in the rehabilitation of the discharged (home) patient, providing encouragement and assisting in therapy as directed.

Dialysis Unit

We are well-equipped with dialysis machines to tackle renal emergencies and to provide haemodialysis to patients.

Geriatric Psychiatry- Inpatient

We treat elderly patients who suffer from mental illnesses including Dementia, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Depression, which result in behavioral problems and cognitive impairment.

An interdisciplinary team comprising a psychiatrist, skilled nurse, and social worker and if necessary, any other specialist, will work with the patient and his/her family to provide personalized care.

Day Care/Day Hospital

While we focus on providing care to persons with Alzheimer's and related dementias, the service may also be availed by other elderly patients. BedSide Attendants provide care to these patients, assisting with toileting, movement, and consumption of food. Medication is administered under supervision of a skilled nurse.

This facility is advantageous to both family caregivers and the patients. For the caregivers, it means being able to work or enjoy some respite from care giving, and for the patients it means not having to stay at home alone and receiving social stimulation.

The biggest advantage of day-care is the cost, which is usually less than the cost of hospitalization. The day care facility is provided for 10-12 hours a day.

Outpatient Surgery (Ambulatory/ Day Surgery)

Improved technology has also increased the frequency of outpatient surgery procedures dismissal. Outpatient surgery (also known as same-day surgery) procedures usually take less time for recovery than traditional surgeries - surgery patients may go home the same day as the procedure and do not need an overnight hospital bed. In some cases, a brief stay of a few hours may be required before

Commonly performed day-surgery procedures include

  • Gynaecological procedures such as hysteroscopy
  • aparoscopic procedures such as cholecystectomies (removal of the gall bladder) and hernia repairs
  • Laparoscopic surgery for diagnostic purposes>
  • Biopsies and removal of cysts or lipomas, fatty tumors under the skin
  • Eye surgeries such as cataract
  • Piles surgery
  • Circumcision
  • Absyss removal
  • Cystoscopy

Laparoscopic surgery, a common day surgery procedure, uses a laparoscope, which is a tiny tube with a camera to view the inside of the body. Small incision are made to insert the laparoscope and surgical tools. The use of the laparoscope removes the need to cut through the muscles and so recovery time is much quicker than traditional surgery.

Geriatric Intensive Care Unit

Older individuals have less physiological reserve than younger ones and, therefore, are more likely to face dire consequences following critical events such as cardiac or respiratory arrest. Elderly people cannot be treated the same way as younger adults- the symptoms of diseases are different as are the effects, nutritional needs and eating/feeding patterns are different, medication issues and are different; as a result of which elderly patients admitted in ICU need special care and management. This Geriatric Intensive Care Unit focuses on preserving all functional abilities of elderly patients, while maintaining the quality of life.

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is equipped with ventilator support, to handle acute/emergency cases and to treat patients with cancer, diabetes, hypertension, chronic liver problems, heart/cerebro-vascular disorders, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Heritage Medical Centre offers an economical/affordable service for Intensive Care patients who require long-term management.

Geriatric Nursing

Due to the complexity, elderly people always deserve personal attention. Nurses address physical, psycho-social, cultural and family concerns as well as promoting health and emphasizing successful aging.

Our nurses are well-trained, compassionate, committed and sensitive to the needs of our elderly patients. They possess pleasant and positive communication skills and the presence of mind needed to provide efficient care to senior citizens.

Karuna School of Nursing (Heritage Help line Society) is a (sister concern) of Heritage Hospital with a beautiful residential school facility in Moinabad.

Family Caregiver Involvement

One factor that is critical to the well-being and coping-ability of the elderly is social support. In this context, the family is one of the most important providers for the elderly. In fact, the majority of caregivers for the elderly are often members of their own family, most often a daughter or a granddaughter.

At Heritage Hospital, we nurture the emotional attachment between our patients and their families by involving the family at every stage of treatment. Our administrative staff, nurses and physicians stay in touch with patient relatives and are accessible to them, in order to give them confidence. We supplement our healthcare services with counseling and positive reinforcement. The focus of our medical and non-medical staff is not only to provide care to our elderly patients, but also to allay the stress of the patient-family caregiver(s).

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Heritage has, through its various offerings, been catering to a large number of parents of NRIs as well families who are residing in Hyderabad and other cities in India.

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