Kshetra - Cost of a professional Assisted Living Facility

Detailed costs for a professional Assisted Facility service with charges for short stay as well as Single occupancy, Couple packages and Personal Caregiver.


All charges given below are tentative. Please contact us on 96666 41554 or 96666 41238 to determine a package suited for your requirements.

  • Charges start from 16000 per month for double occupancy, 22000 per month for single occupany and 30000 per month for couples
  • Trial stay option of one week is also available.
  • All charges mentioned above are approximate and may vary slightly
  • All charges mentioned above are applicable for one month of service.
  • These charges are inclusive of meals, nursing supervision, housekeeping and laundry, monthly doctor assessment.
  • Security deposit will be due at the time of admission, to be adjusted towards notice period
  • Refundable healthcare caution deposit (to be used in case of medical emergencies) is due for all residents who are above 70 years
  • Personal caregiver will reside in the same room as the resident and provide assistance with all daily activities including bathing, grooming, toileting, medication and food consumption. Charges for personal caregiver are additional

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